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1) Contaminated water has _________(air, germs)
2) Water for drinking should be__________ (uncovered, boiled)
3) Beds are found in the _____________(kitchen, bedroom)
4) One source of water is a ____________(tap, well)
5) ________ can be used to clean the teeth and the mouth. (salt, sugar)
6) We should brush our teeth at least a day. (twice,once)
7) Cows give us __________and___________
8) A new born baby does not have_________ (hair, teeth)
9) Rubbish in class should be put in a ___________(dustbin, toilet)
10) I use the handkerchief to wipe my_________ (nose, ears)
11) Sick people should be taken to the____________ (shop, hospital)
12) Drying of the body after bathing is done using a___________(towel,
13) ______________suck our blood at night. (mosquitoes, flies)
14) ____________can make our teeth strong. (sugarcane,biscuits)
15)The floor is swept using a ____________(mop, broom)
16)We should have our visitors in the_______ (kitchen sitting room).
17)We eat the leaves of ___________(maize, spinach)
18)We should always carry a to the bathroom ____________(towel plate)
19) ______________ is not a domestic animal. (goat, zebra)
20)________________________ is a personal item. (underwear, shirt)
21)Good food makes us___________ (healthy, weak)
22) ______________ are only used by boys (urinals, latrines)
23) Name and colour these fruits.
24) Dirty feet will have . (Jiggers, Lice)
25) ______________is a healthy habit. (Over eating, exercise)
26) A mattress is found in the_________________ . (Sitting room, bedroom)
27) Boiling water kills ______________. (Germs, diseases)
28) Germs can be kept away from clean water by _____________it. (Storing,

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