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Inclusive education in early childhood settings

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2000 words essay: Inclusive education in early childhood settings

This assessment asks you to discuss and debate inclusion, and inclusive principles and practices in early childhood education and care settings.
You will need to:
?- critique current inclusion policy and legislation in relation to early childhood education
?- debate theories and approaches to early childhood inclusive practice
?- discuss the importance of family perspectives and community networks in influencing educators�
pedagogical practice
?- deliberate the role of the educator in the provision of inclusive early years education.

Resources :
Cologon, K. (2014). Inclusive education in the early years: Right from the start. Australia and New Zealand: Oxford University Press. (chapter 3+4)

Allen, E.K. & Cowdery, G.E. (2015). The exceptional child: Inclusion in early childhood education. USA: Cengage Learning. (Chapter 9+10)

Petriwskyj. A. (2013). Pedagogies of inclusive transition to school. Australasian Journal of Early
Childhood, 38(1).

Siraj-Blatchford, I. (2010). �Learning in the home and at school: How working class children �succeed
against the odds�, British Educational Research Journal, 36(3), 463-482.

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