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Induced pluripotent stemcells : futureapplications

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Medicine & Health

I want you to write a essay in Induced pluripotent stem cells: future applications.

– the essay must be concise and relevant to the topic.

– All illustrations and tables must either be created or reproduced and referred.

– Evidence of referencing and paraphrasing rather than plagiarising must be shown throughout the text.

4150 words without the references,Times New Roman, font size 12.

– References must be up-to-date. Preferred references are journal articles.

– Must include figures, tables.

Р important: the essay should be talk about the following points in paragraphs:

  1. iPSC regarded as holy grail stem cell research .
  2. Studying disease models in vitro.
  3. Drug screening .
  4. Toxicological testing of new drugs.
  5. Generating patient specific and disease specific pluripotent stem cells.
  6. Allow unprecedented access to all stages of human biology.
  7. Studying development and function of human tissue.
  8. Regenerative medicine .
  9. Any other applications you find.

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