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Industrial Instrument Report

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Assessment 1: Industrial Instrument Report 20%

Students are required to prepare a report nominating an entitlement in an industrial instrument and compare this with similar entitlements in other instruments. The aim of the report is for students to explain how this entitlement is applied in the relevant workplace and to give an account of the views of employees in the workplace about their experience of the nominated entitlement. There should be a reflection on how the entitlement is applied in the workplace.
Students can nominate any workplace including their own or the workplace of a friend.

The report should be up to 1500 words.
Further information: Students should address the following issues and questions in their report.
a) Background: Identify an entitlement in a workplace instrument
Select a workplace where you can discuss workplace issues with individual employees.
Identify and describe the industrial instrument that applies to the employees of that workplace.
Nominate and describe one term or entitlement in the instrument ie. penalty rates, overtime, parental leave, etc.
b) Comparison with other instruments
Compare the entitlement with the relevant National Employment Standard (NES) in the Fair Work Act 2009 (or state that the entitlement is not part of the NES).
Compare the entitlement in your instrument with a similar entitlement that applies in another instrument for another workplace.
c) Application of entitlements in the workplace and views of employees
How is your nominated entitlement applied in practice in the workplace you have selected?
What are the views of three employees (including yourself if you work in your case selected workplace) in the workplace of how the entitlements are applied (do they know about these entitlements and the relevant instrument)?
d) Media report of recent dispute concerning your entitlement

Give a brief description of a media report about negotiations or a dispute, which also involve the entitlement, which you have nominated. This can be any recent case involving any other workplace in any industry. What are any similarities or differences with your case study?
Expected outcomes:
This assessment is consistent with Subject Learning Objective 3 of the Subject Outline. As a result of completing this assessment student will expect to achieve the following outcomes:
Awareness of relevant industrial instruments (legislation, awards, enterprise agreements, common law contracts) and how these interact.
Specific knowledge of the entitlements, which is the subject of the report.
An understanding of brief case study of an industrial dispute.
Knowledge of industrial disputes in the media.
Development of report writing.
Ability to research and locate employment entitlements in legislation, awards, enterprise agreements, common law contracts.
Interpretation of clauses in industrial instruments.
Interview employees about their employment conditions.

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