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INFO-6067 Testing for Development



INFO-6067 Testing for Development


Project #2 – Test Reporting – Unit Tests




Marks: 100


Essay Project 2:


Testing reports are used to track and communicate the progress and level of success of testing efforts.


For this project you will research Test reporting in software unit testing.

All work must be in your own words. No copied text or referenced text.

You essay should not be any longer than 6 pages of double spaced text.

The font must not be greater than 11 point and no less than 10 point.

Use the Arial font for your paper.

Do not use images to use up space. Images are fine if they truly describe a concept. But you are better off without using images and diagrams.


Part 1 – Research unit test reporting.

Discuss what test reports are, how and where they are used.

How does unit test reporting fit within the SDLC

What are the key metrics a unit test should capture and show?

Provide a sample test report of your own.


Part 2 – Select one common unit test tool.

Describe this tool and how it is used.

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