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Innanas descent to underwork essay

Inanna  is the morning star (Venus), and the complex goddess of love with far reaching powers that vary and expand over time.

Venus star represent the Sumerian love goddess Inanna and is part of her celestial powers.

(Why  does she  leave the heavens  or the realm of the living ?)

Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld (hymn in translation)    – translated by poetess Diane Wolkstein

Critical Essay on “Descent of Inanna to the underworld” 

based on  the  full translation in
Wolkstein, Diana, Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth,  1983, pp. 52-73.  linked below  in blue.

Please try  one of these two files linked in blue  or the pdf  (  second one is taken from the second link}.

  Descent Of Inanna Kramer Wolkstein 1983 online (1).pdf

Descent of Inanna – translated by Diane Wolkstein and approved by Samuel Noah Kramer, Sumerologist

Descent Of Inanna.pdf
Please  be aware  you should employ  just this text  and  no other author, no commentary nor article. Your essay is yours; your arguments based on the quoted passages you choose and explain to create your essay  – Your  content is directly from  this ancient text in translation.  Chat.gpt  for  content  will also disqualify your essay, only for checking your Grammar or English.

Below are  requirements and  specific questions for you to answer USING your selection of  quoted passages in the hymn.


Length of  5 page paper (may be double spaced)
Required  a minimum    8 quoted passages  ( content important, not simple one line statements)  that you quote and then explain and use to build your essay. 
This essay is not a summary nor a report  but selections  that  have impact –

For example, Inanna has companions but travels alone in her powerful goddess attire [the ME s are the god powers  in a crown, dress, jewelry.. ] but she says little to the Gate Keeper of the underworld – possibly even makes up a story to seek admittance rather than ever saying why she is wanting to descend. 

Look for cause and effect in the hymn with evidence from specific passages; this is easiest.

Again your essay consists of your choice of parts not it is not  a report or summary; Bonus content can be your own questions based on.. and I look forward to your content and even one question.

Content  should concern:

Overall  GOAL  is to    Evaluate Inanna –  her intelligence  to  character  based on:

What is the possible reason  for Inanna’s descent to the underworld,  calle the  kur? 
the number  7  occurs  and  where?
how can Inanna  be a cosmic deity/goddess and lose her life?
who values Inanna?  and how is she rescued?

In conclusion,  please answer/contribute:

Does Inanna deserve to live  and  why?
What question would you ask  Inanna    or Erishkigal  ??

important to know:

                    Ereskigal or Erishkigal  is the sister of Inanna and the ruler of the Underworld (called the Kur)

                    Annuna are the divine judges  or Annunaki

the term      Me = the  powers  of a god or goddess, in jewels  to  clothes to staff.. .

Solo or two person team may write the essay

BUT each quoted passage and explanation must indicate who wrote what parts.

There is no shared paragraph; rather you must each write a separate  conclusion based on..  and each quoted passage per person (minumum 5 per person  only  ok if they help the essay)  must be chosen as evidence and help  answer and build the essay.

It may be easier to write this essay  singly.

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