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Innovative Technology

● This task must be done individually. ● Save this file and name it xxxxx_MIDTERM (Where xxxxx must be your last name). ● This exercise must be uploaded at the LMS Portal link to Moodle called “Mid-Term Evaluation Submission Point”

Task: Students must analyze the case below and answer the following questions accordingly

SerenityScape Landscaping is a locally owned and operated small-sized landscaping company that focuses on creating beautiful and serene outdoor

spaces for residential and commercial clients. The company is looking to scale into a medium-sized enterprise. Currently this company focuses on

improving 5 areas:

● Invoicing and Financial Management: The company employs a sole accountant who uses data in spreadsheets and generates invoices using

word processing software.

● Client Communication: The primary means of communication with clients is through email correspondence.

● Collaborative File Sharing: The company relies on email for sharing files, some documents are stored on a centralized server.

● Project Management: A manager updates a shared Excel file daily, assigning tasks to individual employees.

● Data Preservation and Security: The company maintains all digital data on a central server located in the office. On a monthly basis, Mark, an

accountant with basic IT skills, backs up all data to an external hard drive for added security.


1. What IT solution would facilitate the company’s transition to a mid-sized organization for Collaborative File Sharing?

2. How can the company enhance their Project Management processes? Are there IT solutions that could aid in this improvement?

3. In the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the company faced challenges in maintaining regular operations due to remote work requirements for

all employees. What IT solutions should be considered to enable effective remote work policies for the workforce?

4. With the company’s expansion, the need arises to establish a comprehensive accounting team. What IT solutions should be put in place to enhance

collaboration within this team?

5. Utilize spreadsheet software to generate a sales record table with the following columns: Product Name, Value, Month, and Product Type. Populate

the data for the first quarter of the year (January-March) for four distinct product types. For instance:

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