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PSYC 4499: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

You will provide an annotated bibliography using at least 5 of the required 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed, empirical articles that you plan to use for your paper. You are encouraged to use more than 10 sources in your final paper. You are not required to keep these specific sources in your final paper if you find that other articles are better suited to your topic.

Of your 5 articles, 2 should be from your first field in psychology, and they should reference two different interventions. Another 2 should be from your second field in psychology, and those should reference two different interventions. For example, if your problem is “depression” and your fields are “clinical psyc” and “psychopharmacology”, you might have the following articles:

Article 1: From clinical psychology, an article on CBT’s reduction of depressive symptoms

Article 2: From clinical psychology, an article on ACT’s reduction of depression symptoms

Article 3: From Psychopharmacology, an article on SSRIs’ reduction of depressive symptoms

Article 4: From Psychopharmacology, an article on Wellbutrin’s reduction of depressive symptoms.

Your 5th article may be from either field.

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations, in APA format, followed by a brief, one to two-paragraph description of the content of the source. The purpose of the annotation is to summarize the article (purpose, method, results, conclusions) and to make the reader aware of the relevance (to your paper) and quality of the sources cited. You may not quote. You must summarize the information in your own words; that is, you must paraphrase.

Peer-reviewed journal articles are the best sources to use. In addition, government websites with reports, and possibly research organizations may be a good place to find additional credible, but not truly scholarly sources. Please note that blogs, popular magazines, newspapers, Wikipedia, etc. provide informal information, but are not “credible” sources. Those sources are not appropriate for this paper.


McNamara, C. L., & Marsil, D. F. (2012). The prevalence of stalking among college students: The disparity between researcher-and self-identified victimization. Journal of American College Health, 60(2), 168–174. doi:10.1080/07448481.2011.584335

In a study by McNamara and Marsil (2012), they surveyed college students on their stalking experiences. They assessed stalking victimization based on one self-identification item, “I have been a stalking victim,” and an experiences questionnaire (i.e. “I have repeatedly received unwanted gifts”) for researcher-identification. They found that stalking victimization was vastly underreported. In this sample, the prevalence of stalking victimization ranged from 25% for self-identified to 42% for researcher-identified.  Consequently, many students were experiencing stalking who were not identifying themselves as victims. This could put them at risk for greater harm. This study is important to my paper because it helps to establish the prevalence of stalking and the need for an educational program aimed at raising awareness about stalking.


In a Word document, start by writing a one-sentence topic statement which includes the issue and the areas of psychology you will use to address the issue for your paper. Then, begin the annotations.
For each source, provide the APA reference and then the annotation.
In your annotation, list the following:
what field your article came from (the journal your article is from should confirm that it is from one of the fields you’ve chosen)
what intervention is being evidenced in this article
Write your annotated bibliography in a word processing document, save it as Last name, First Name, and Annotated Bib, and upload it in the assignment dropbox.
You must use .doc, .docx, .rtf format. If the document you submit is not attached in a file format that I can open and read in one of the approved formats, then it will earn a grade of zero.
Use Times New Roman 12 font and double-space the entire document. Write your name at the top of the document you attach.
You must upload a pdf of the article for each source. Save the PDF using the first author’s last name and the year of publication, such as McNamara_2012 as an example from the stalking article.
For help with APA format refer to the APA Handbook (7th edition) or go to


You will be graded on the relevance and quality of the sources you chose based on your topic, the accuracy of the summary, the quality of your writing, and following instructions (including submitting PDFs of the articles).

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