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Integration of a Solution

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Determine how the new system will be integrated into the health organization.

  • Recommend strategies for implementing change management.
  • Determine the training and development needs for departments. Include recommendations for educating employees when integrating changing technologies.
  • Recommend ongoing support, development, and quality indicators for successful integration.
  • Consider the return of investment (ROI) for new technologies. Plan review with leadership, finance, and IT to determine ROI success. You are not expected to calculate the return on investment, but to think about how the investment the hospital made towards a new information management system benefits it and outweighs the money spent?
  • Analyze the quality of care improvement for new technologies. Identify improved outcomes and results from patient data, surveys, and research.

Johnson Contractors, Incorporated

Vendor Characteristics

Johnson Contractors, Incorporated:

  • Established in 1985.
  • Operating for over 25 years.
  • Headquarters is located in Chicago, IL.
  • Three regional offices: San Diego, CA; Lincoln NE, and Madison, WI.
  • Global company with offices in London and Latin America.
  • Johnson Contractors focuses on their work within the health care industry, including hospitals, physician’s offices and insurance companies.
  • Publically traded company with revenues over $100 million USD per year.
  • 9,000 employees.

Operations and Leadership Team

Structure and Departments

The leading departments are:

  • Research & Development.
  • Implementation.
  • Marketing.
  • Support & Service.
  • Applications.
  • Training.
  • Informatics.

Leadership Team

  • CEO and CFO have a combined 40 years of health care IT experience.
  • The leadership team includes:
    • CEO.
    • CFO.
    • CIO.
    • COO.
    • VP of Client Services.
    • VP of Sales.
    • VP of Implementation.

LEADERSHIP: Knowledge/Expertise
Most of those in the leadership team are former IT executives, with experience in government, military, and health care industries.

LEADERSHIP: Reputation
The track record of the leadership team—is generally good, although there has been some change in leadership. For example, the CIO and the CFO recently left the organization and the replacements were just hired.

Over the years, trade journals and associations have commended leadership and the overall direction of the company.

Company Reputation

Johnson Contractors has received positive recognition overall in the marketplace. Here are some recent reviews:

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Johnson Contractor’s efficiency and professionalism. Our project was a great success thanks to them.” —McDougal Care Center

“Unfortunately, our project experienced several delays. Some physicians were concerned about last-minute, unexpected changes that occurred throughout the course of the project.” —Lowry Heart Hospital

“Johnson Contractors is a well-established and trusted organization in this community.” —The Patton Clinic

Strategies for Implementation

Implementation Training
Decisions need to be made on which departments need implementation first. Surgical operation and medical translation will be first to receive training for implementation. For administrative functions, the finance, billing, and admissions departments will receive priority.

Management Training
Vendor will train key people in the organization (train-the-trainer). The vendor’s training team will arrive for a three-day in-class session for key directors and staff.

Training Strategy
Determine implementation needs. Prioritize operations, identify greatest needs, determine availability, etc.

Staff Training Sequence
Key management and clinical personnel will be trained first. The CIO and leadership team will determine what additional staff requires training.

On-Going Support
Help desk, live help, and local technological assistance will be implemented on an ongoing basis. Regular maintenance and system checks will be determined regarding frequency and scheduling.

Timeline and Return on Investment

Timeline for Department
Entire hospital trained over a 90 day period, resources allocated and determined by both the vendor and hospital.

Vendor working with CIO
Three year contract to be monitored and performance guarantees reviewed every year. Staffing requirements, outcomes, and efficiencies monitored quarterly.

Criteria that determines that the new system is effective and efficient:

  • Reducing time and becoming more efficient.
  • Improving outcomes.

Compliance, privacy, sharing of medical history with various providers, higher rates of effective outcomes i.e. outpatient orthopedic procedures, hear t surgery, etc.

i.e. faster and more accurate claims paying, reimbursement, admissions, reporting to state and federal agencies, etc.

compare to similar institutions. Regional and National standards to

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