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Intelligence Briefing Paper

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You work for a security forecasting company looking to significantly increase their level of engagement within the Horn of Africa.

You have been asked to write an analytical briefing paper to inform your organisation of the biggest key risks, opportunities and dilemmas of operating in Horn of Africa.

When writing this briefing, consider what the likely triggers for further conflict, instability, or risk for your specific audience might be. How likely do you consider these triggers to be? To what extent can they expect to be successful in their objectives given the prevailing operational obstacles? What should your client/s be particularly focused on when determining the parameters for their engagement in the region?

You should approach this piece as you would approach an academic essay, with full referencing, logical structure, and professional prose. Remember that an essay should always seek to make a persuasive argument.

Your primary focus is to take a very broad
overview approach, which would probably be most appropriate for a security forecasting company to use as an initial teaser to bring new clients on board.

Your aim is to articulate how the security challenges you identify are mutually reinforcing and to analyse the dilemmas that this cycle creates for actors seeking to work effectively within such a complex environment, particularly the importance of understanding local contexts, and the unintended contradictions and dilemmas that state-building interventions present in the post-Cold War era.

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