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Internet Addiction- Final Paper

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Submit a paper with the following sections:

1. An introduction describing your research topic

2. Research problem
3. Research question
4. Research design, briefly described

Sections 1-4 above should be 2-3 pages (out of the total of the 10 pages) and based on the introduction paper attached.

The remainder of the paper should be based on the other paper attached. References from both papers can be used.

A review of theoretical, research, and validation literature on one of the effect constructs you will measure. (See Trochim (2006) for a discussion of construct validity to be reminded what an effect construct is. This is the main section of the paper. It has two subsections.

A review of the literature on your construct. Discuss the various ways the construct has been defined and discussed in recent research and theoretical literature on the construct. At the end of this section, identify the definition of the construct that best fits your proposed study. Justify your choice. For example, if your construct is creativity, you would review recent theories and research on creativity. You would describe and critically examine the various versions or visions of creativity you find in the literature. You would discuss each creativity construct’s relationship to theory. You would select and justify one construct as being best for your purposes.
A review of the literature on measures of your construct. Review all the measures of the construct you can find. Include:
Test Identification: Identify and describe the purpose of the test and intended users and settings.
Test description: Describe the format of the test (multiple choice, open-ended questions, cards with pictures, etc.); the names and meanings of sub-scales (if applicable); the scoring system (including a description of computer scoring if available); how the results are generally interpreted; ease of use in terms of administration, scoring and interpretation; cost of various forms of the test and where to obtain it (publisher, vendors, etc.).
3. Psychometric information: Include information on test reliability and validity, including reviews of major studies done with the test and test normative data (how the data was accumulated, for what groups, and assessment of the data’s adequacy).
Evaluate each measure for its suitability for your research purposes. Identify one or more measures that you believe makes most sense for you to use, given your research problem, research question, research design, and your general understanding of theory and research on the topic. Defend your choice(s).
Note: Ideally, you would first identify the construct you want to measure and then research instruments that measure it well. Actually, because there may not be an instrument suitable for the population you are interested in studying or any instrument at all that measures your construct, you may have to “jiggle” your problem, questions, and design to fit the available measures. This is life in the world of psychological research. (Creating your own measure, as can now see, is a big project, perhaps worthy of a dissertation itself!) So: do a literature review for parts

a) and b) more or less at the same time so you don’t start section

b) with a definition of a construct that has no suitable measure. Please describe and discuss any changes to your research question(s) you make as a result of your literature search.
Conclusion. Sum up the main points of your paper and describe what you have learned from this assignment that you will apply to your research and what you think you still need to know.

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