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Interpersonal Relationships: Positive Relationships

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Prepare a mini unit of work, with 2 consecutive lesson plans, allocated from one of the content strands in the NSW K-6 PDHPE syllabus.

Purpose: To demonstrate unit programming and lesson planning in PDHPE.

The content strand chosen is “Interpersonal Relationships” & the topic chosen is “Positive Relationships” for Stage 2 Year 4 students.

Ensure you use the layout/format of the lesson plans for each lesson, I have uploaded in additional files (x2 lesson plans)

Ensure lessons are straight forward and to the point, clear and concise.

Ensure lessons are engaging, ICT included, and inclusive to all students.

Ensure you go through the document “bullying LP” for an idea about how to complete a lesson plan.

The unit of work will include:

  • Individual lesson aims
  • Lesson Title and Lesson Duration (minimum 30 minutes)
  • Stage and class you are teaching (assume 30 children per class) (Stage 2 Year 4)
  • Outcomes and indicators linked directly to relevant assessment strategies (Found in NSW Syllabus) (additional files)
  • Content selected from appropriate curriculum (Interpersonal Relationships)
  • Class organisation (seated at tables, on the floor in a circle, on the floor facing teacher?)
  • Teaching strategies to facilitate the flow of the lesson (teaching methods)
  • Breakdown of time spent on each part of the lesson
  • Amount of equipment required for students and/or teacher, and how you will organise the dispersal and retrieval or equipment (resources)
  • Integration of other KLA’s to incorporate literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Addressing special needs eg children with disabilities, Indigenous education
  • Addressing of sensitive issues and respect for diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds in relation to the pedagogy of the PDHPE content
  • References and resources (appendix)

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