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Is the state in retreat in a neoliberal world?

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In need of a roughly 3500 word political economy essay on the topic of “Is the state in retreat in a neoliberal world?” from the basis of economic intervention by the state.

Aka is the state less involved in the economic process due to the prevalence of neoliberalism in modern western nations.

I would like to argue that yes, the state IS in retreat (reduction of intervention and activity in the industrial/economic process) because of neoliberalism’s prominence and a reliance on markets. Examples must be given for every facet of the argument.

Referencing is extremely important, and I would prefer little to no internet sources (max 2, must be .edu domains). Referencing must be done in-text and with a bibliography. Australian sources are preferred.

Writing style should be completely third-person.

Essay style guide can be found at:

Some useful sources may include:

Colin Hay & Michael Lister. 2006. ?Theories of the state? in Colin Hay, Michael Lister & David Marsh (eds.) The state: theories and issues. London: Palgrave, pp.1-20.

Colin Crouch. 2010. The strange non-death of neoliberalism. Cambridge: Polity.

Chris Pierson (2011) (3rd ed.) The Modern State, Routledge, London.

Hugh Stretton. 1999. ?What private enterprises need from government: a shortest summary? from Economics: a new introduction. Sydney: UNSW Press, pp.442-443.

Erika Cudworth, Timothy Hall & John McGovern. 2007. The modern state: theories and ideologies. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Argy, F. (2002) ?Economic Governance and National Institutional Dynamics, in S. Bell (ed.) Economic Governance and Institutional Dynamics, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

John Quiggin. 2010. Zombie economics: how dead ideas still walk among us. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

The Economist, (2010) ?Picking Winners, Saving Losers?, 5 August.

Robert L Heilbroner. 1953. ?The wonderful world of Adam Smith? from The worldly philosophers: the lives, times and ideas of the great economic thinkers. New York: Simon & Schuster, pp.53-57.

Milton Friedman & Rose Friedman. 1980. ?The role of prices? and ?The role of government? excerpted from Free to choose: a personal statement. London: Secker & Warburg, pp.13-14, 27-29.

Karl Polanyi. 1944. ?The self-regulating market? from The great transformation: the political and economic origins of our time. Boston: Beacon Press, pp.68-76.

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