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Issue Analysis & Application Presentation Instructions

Assignment Instructions

Issue Analysis & Application Presentation Instructions  

This two-part assignment, due by the end of Week 3 of the course term, requires selecting a problem in need of a solution related to adult development and aging, researching and analyzing information about it, and applying learning by proposing a possible solution for the problem. The presentation must be developed using research material from at least three academic, scholarly journals in the APUS Online Library.


Part I, Issue Analysis

Analysis involves researching and comparing different elements of an issue to acquire in-depth knowledge of its component parts.  In this section of your presentation, you will demonstrate knowledge of the issue you selected by describing and comparing various aspects of it, drawing on a minimum of 3 academic journal articles from the APUS Online Library. This portion of the presentation should not attempt to discuss every possible problem associated with the issue you selected, but rather should focus on just one problem that you find interesting and compelling enough to want to solve after conducting your issue research (use a narrow focus).  

Part II, Application

Application requires putting into action one’s knowledge and ideas about a problem and how to solve it, which in this case are informed by the scholarly material you reviewed in the writing of Part 1.  In this section of your presentation, you will demonstrate the ability to apply what you have learned when researching the issue you selected by hypothesizing about and recommending possible solutions that could be used to address and improve the situation examined in your Issue Analysis. The goal here is to attempt to solve the particular problem you identified in Part 1, not to introduce additional problems or identify every possible solution.  

Assignment Formatting and Submission Requirements

 Your assignment should be submitted as an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation not counting Title or Reference slides (all sources used must be included on the References slide).  Narrated slideshows add a nice touch, but narration is not required.

First person perspective (“I”) and second person (“you”) pronouns and personal story sharing should not be included.

The presentation must contain no more than 3 direct quotes. Your instructor needs to see what meaning you have made of what you found in researching scholarly articles, not what the articles’ authors have already written.

 The presentation should begin with a brief introduction followed by a focused, organized, and clearly articulated discussion of the issue in Part 1, Issue Analysis, followed by your recommendations for solving a particular problem related to it in Part 2, Application, followed by a brief conclusion summarizing the problem and your proposed solution.

Your assignment will automatically be submitted to when you attach and submit it on the assignments tab.




Needs Improvement


Points Earned

Description of Issue Related to Adult Development and Aging and Identification of a Problem to Analyze


40 Points Possible

Student clearly presents a specific problem relevant to adult development and aging and analyzes it succinctly and coherently.

Student provides a mostly accurate description of a specific problem related to adult development and aging. At times, description lacks coherence.

Student provides a marginal description of a specific problem related to adult development and aging. Sufficient details and supporting evidence are lacking.

Does not clearly describe a specific problem related to adult development and aging.


Application and Description of Possible Solutions to the Problem


40 Points Possible

Student provides a clear application of knowledge and describes several reasonable possible solutions. Description is thorough and gives examples.

Student provides some application of knowledge and at least one reasonable possible solution. At times, description lacks coherence or detail.

Student provides a marginal application of knowledge and one reasonable solution. Sufficient details and supporting evidence are lacking.

Does not clearly apply knowledge or offer any reasonable possible solutions.


Usage of Academic, Scholarly Sources


10 Points Possible

Student clearly paraphrases from at least three scholarly, academic sources and cites them according to APA Style on the References Slide.

Student paraphrases from three scholarly, academic sources. Direct quotations may be used in place of paraphrasing or there may be citation/formatting errors.

Student paraphrases from less than three scholarly, academic sources. Many direct quotations are used or citation style is mostly inaccurate.

Student uses only sources from the popular web (e.g., Wikipedia, WebMD, etc…) or does not include a References slide.


Overall Presentation of material (Flow, Clarity, Professional Appearance of Final Product, Use of Proper Grammar/Spelling to convey thoughts)


10 Points Possible

Submission is clear and coherent, flows well, and has a professional appearance. Few, if any, errors in grammar/spelling are made (for written entries) or in spoken English (for video entries).

Submission is understandable, but flow may be stilted or meaning unclear in spots. Some written or spoken grammatical errors are evident. Submission appears “amateurish” in spots.

Submission seems choppy or difficult to understand. Submission appears mostly amateurish or unprofessional. Many errors in grammar/spelling in evident.

Submission appears largely unprofessional, messy, and contains numerous grammar/spelling errors.


Summary Comments:

Total Points:

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