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Japan Entrepreneurship Profile

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The aim of this piece of coursework is to create 3-page pamphlet presenting a country entrepreneurship profile. The country that I have chosen is Japan.

The profile is made up by two elements:

  1. present types, levels and quality of entrepreneurship in the country and how these compares to other countries show understanding of the different types of entrepreneurship

Like to Theory in file L1, L2, L3

  1. assess the extent to which the country’s institutional, regulatory and cultural environment supports or hinders entrepreneurship.
    1. What does the theoretical literature say about how the institutional environment affects entrepreneurship?
      1. What institutions are important for productive entrepreneurship?
      2. Why?  What are the causal mechanisms?
  • What is the evidence?
  1. What institutions do you need to find out about?

Like to Theory in file L7, L8, L9

As well as displaying data on these aspects in the form of graphs, charts and tables, you should provide a written discussion of the data. You are required to draw upon theories from given material to interpret the data and assess the supportiveness of the country environment towards entrepreneurship.

The profile should:

  • writing essay/report style: this is an academic piece of work
  • include reference list (separate page)

For each institution that you have decided is relevant to discuss

  • refer to theories to justify why you are commenting on this institution
    • why does it matter for entrepreneurship?
    • what is the evidence that it matters?
  • give evidence about the institution (e.g. data) and interpret what this means for entrepreneurship in your country

Overall conclusion:

  • how supportive is your country towards entrepreneurship?
  • how can the government act to improve the environment for entrepreneurship?

Data sources

Entrepreneurship Data  

Formal Institutions Data  

Informal Institutions Data  

General Economic & Development Indicators  

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