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Juvenile Justice

Problems and solutions in Juvenile Justice:

Many would argue that the Juvenile Justice System’s goal should be to protect youth while holding them accountable for their actions, making communities safer, while continually improving the effectiveness, performance, and outcomes of the juvenile justice system.

How can that be done?

Research has identified the following areas critical to continued change in juvenile justice:

• response to mental health needs;

• stronger legal defense for indigent youth;

• interventions for youth charged with status offenses (activities that are criminalized for those under 18, e.g., truancy, running away, curfew violations); and,

• coordination of practices and policies for youth involved in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, and enhancement of probation system practices.

Using your research skills, identify a policy and or program in the United States that focuses on each of the the aforementioned areas (you may need to find more than one to cover all areas).

In the next section of the document, propose your own actionable policy or program that supports change in the ONE area you deem most important. Be sure to state why you chose the particular area and believe it to be the most important to cause a change in the system.

For all written assignments, present reasoning and evidence for your position in a clear, well structured, manner that illustrates a high level of critical thinking. In doing so, you will investigate, research, and consider alternative arguments and explanations before reaching your conclusion.

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