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Note: I am male, so please writing about buying stuffs for male, not for female (lipsticks)

Please use readings in the attached lists.

Option B: Label Freak
Topic: Over a period of several days, read the labels of everything you purchase.
Describe and analyse how this influences your experience of consumption.
You might do well to choose a point of focus e.g. on particular types of information (e.g. country of origin), or particular types of commodities (e.g. food purchases, or clothing). You could also choose to focus in at the level of ingredient e.g. salt, sugar, preservatives, colours, trans fats, animal products.
Alternatively, you could choose to focus on just one or two concepts or themes e.g. time or expertise or the rational consumer or the viability of label reading as a strategy for consumer activism.
Prompts for thought:
There is no one right way to do this. Here are some things that might prompt your reflection and analysis: Don�t do too many and don�t go through them in a list-like way.
How much time did it take? Did you resent that time?
Did anyone around you (e.g. housemates, people in a queue, shop assistants) notice? How did they respond?
How easily could this become a new habit? What would it take to make it habitual? Was it easy to find the information you needed?
Did you think the labels gave you all you needed to know to make an informed decision?
What types of attributes (social, material or psychological) would you need to have to be good at this?
What forms of expertise did you need? Did you already have it (or some of it)? How quickly did you acquire it?
How might the process of becoming an avid label reader be bound up in aspects of social or personal identity?
Was it easier to find information on some types of products than others?
What did you notice about labelling practice? Were there commodities that didn�t have labels? What sorts of products?

Assessment Criteria:
? Engagement with the question: this includes how pertinent, interesting and original your observations are.
? Analytical ability: Your ability not just to describe everyday phenomena, but to understand, analyse and discuss them and to connect them to bigger issues and to theoretical concepts, especially those raised in lectures and tutorials.
? Insightfulness of your analysis � whether this be in terms of close analysis and/or broader arguments.
? Effective, correct, clear written English.
? Secondary readings (if used) must be referenced correctly.

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