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You are required to:

Identify one teaching resource that could be used in an early childhood setting (either early childhood centre or primary school) to support language and literacy for children from diverse cultural backgrounds and home languages. This resource could be:
a book
a web resource
a piece of software
an artwork
some other object.
Note that this resource should be something you find (e.g. online, in a library or early learning centre), not something you create yourself.
Provide a brief description (including an APA reference if appropriate) of the resource. This description should be clear and detailed. For example, if you choose a song, the lyrics and/or a link to a YouTube video should be attached. (This section is NOT included in the word count).
State the aims that you plan to achieve by using the resource.
Explain how the resource acknowledges the importance of cultural and home language for children�s literacy learning and teaching.
Points 3 and 4 together should come to 200 words (+/- 10%).
Explain how the resource would be used to support literacy teaching and learning for children from diverse cultural backgrounds and home languages. This will require you to:
provide examples of learning experiences that could use the selected resource within the educational setting. These experiences should be consistent with the aims described in point 3 above (approx. 500 words)
describe different ways to adapt and extend the strategies to include the diverse interests and needs of children and cater for different age groups (approx. 200 words)
justify the learning experiences identified by referring back to the EYLF/Australian Curriculum and relevant research literature (approx. 100 words).
You may use bullet points and headings within this section, which should come to 800 words (+/- 10%).
The audience for this component of the folio is your peers. Your writing discussion and explanation should be succinct and informative while descriptions of the selected resources and activities should be sufficient for other early childhood professionals to ‘take home’ and implement.

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