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Language Development

Conclusion includes a re-summarization of the thesis, and relevant text connection.
Introduction effectively introduces the text, author, & characters; and includes a 3-4 sentence summary.
Accurately and adeptly identifies & states thesis.

The MEAL paragraph clearly addresses ALL of the following:
M = Main idea clearly supports thesis.
E = Evidence is relevant and direct quote with MLA citation
clearly supports both the thesis and main idea.
A = Analysis discusses both HOW and WHY the theme is
relevant in the text. and includes 2-3 sentences.
L = Link expertly transitions to the following paragraph.

Provides a well written and sophisticated counter claim supporting  accurate reasoning. Rebuttal is knowledgeable and clearly developed using correctly cited MLA textual evidence that has been analyzed and explains HOW and WHY it supports their thesis.

Language use is clear, concise, complete, and consistent.
Word choice and sentence structure create effective voice & tone.
There is no first or 2nd person used
If errors in Standard American occur, they are minor

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