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List the key news and informational resources utilized by professionals in the media and entertainment industries
Use tools to develop a list of resources by bookmarking important websites, journals, and associations.
As a future leader in the industry, it’s important to follow and stay-up-to-date with current events. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers, such as Feedly, can be very helpful for bookmarking and organizing resources. A reader will allow you to organize and follow the websites of your local and national TV news, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and everything else in the digital world, without having to go directly to each individual website.


First Post — Set up your Feedly account & research a current event in the industry

Part 1:
Open a free account and complete the following:

Identify and follow at least ten (10) different resources provided below on your Feedly account. These resources are ones that industry professionals use to stay informed of trends and important issues affecting their business. (After you add ten, you may eventually add your own favorite websites/blogs that aren’t listed, but make sure they provide you the proper and credible information similar to those listed below.)
Take a screenshot of your list (as seen in the example below) and embed it as an image. Do not upload as a link or document. Note that you can adjust the size after you’ve uploaded the image.
Within the same post, explain which two resources you think will be most useful to you in your career and why. Provide direct links to those resources.

Part 2:
Find a current event within (within the last three months) that is related to the industry you are studying. Include a direct link to the current event article you found.
In 4-5 sentences summarize the current event in your own words.
In 4-5 sentences Does this have a positive or negative impact on the organization, person or brand?

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