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Leadership Action Plan

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Develop an Action Plan based on TEN of the References that I have uploaded for you. MAKE SURE TO REFERENCE IT IN THE ESSAY IN PROPER APA FORMAT.

You will have to do A LOT of reading from the references I am about to send you. That is why I am giving you 10 days to write this. Again, you need to utilize TEN of the References.

Write a tangible and actionable plan that you will implement as A FUTURE LEADER.

When you write this paper, MAKE SURE to answer the following questions while making it INTEGRATED into your tangible and actionable plan:

  1. Which aspects of your leadership do you plan to improve?
  1. What tangible steps will you take to improve them?
  1. Why will you take those steps instead of others? (This would be a good place to reference the course lessons.)
  1. How will you know if these steps are working, and what will you do if they are not?

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