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Leadership and Fiscal Management of HealthCare Systems

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Heuristic 1 2 3 4
Home Page Usability The features are very difficult to use Some of the features are difficult to use Most of the features are easy to use The usability is very easy
Task Orientation The app shows poor orientation The app shows ok orientation The app shows good orientation The app shows excellent orientation
Navigation Navigation through the app is poor Navigation through the app is bad Navigation through the app is somewhat good Navigation through the app is simple
Forms & Data Entry Data entry is complicated Data entry is hard Data entry is easy Data entry is simple
Page Layout & Visual Design Layout & Design is poor Layout & Design is somewhat good Layout & Design is good Layout & Design is great
Writing & Content Quality Quality is poor Quality is ok Quality is good Quality is great
Trust & Credibility Not trustworthy Somewhat trustworthy Trustworthy Very trustworthy
Rubric or App Website Evaluation

(Values represent the Possible Score for fulfillment of Criteria)

Home Page Usability


Homepage items are clearly focused key tasks 4
Key aspects of the app are presented on the homepage 4
There is a shortlist of other activities featured on the homepage, or within one click of the homepage 4
Total 12
Task Orientation  
Registration for user’s is easy 4
User’s most frequent activity is visible on the home page 4
Users can start an activity quickly 4
Total 12
Navigation & IA    
Switching between activities is convenient and obvious 4
Navigation task choices are ordered in the best possible logical or task oriented manner 4
Links and navigation between pages contain trigger words 4
Total 12
Forms & Data Entry    
There is a clear distinction of the required fields for registration 4
The app makes it easy to correct user errors 4
All data is validated before user is registered 4
Total 12
 Page Layout & Visual Design    
On all pages all the most useful information (such as the users most frequently used features and functions) is presented on the first screenful of information. 4
Each page on the app shares a consistent layout 4
The app has a consistent look and feel that will engage users. 4
Total 12
Writing & Content Quality    
The app has compelling and unique content 4
The apps content for has been specifically created for its use 4
Each page of the app is clearly labeled with a useful title that makes sense for the use of the bookmark 4
Total 12
Trust & Credibility    
The apps content is all up-to-date and trustworthy 4
The app is accurate in terms of distance travelled 4
Each page has the same layout so that the user knows they are on the same app 4
Total 12

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