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  No. Course Learning Outcomes PLOs
þ 1 Define effective leadership in the 21st century and discuss how and why theories of leadership have changed due to globalization, employee demographics, and technology PO 1


x 2 Explore and evaluate the different leadership traits, values, styles, and approaches through self-assessments and reflective observations PO 3
þ 3 Critically Analyze how contemporary theories of effective leadership impact employee commitment and productivity and shape the organization’s vision, values, mission, goals and culture. PO4


þ 4 Discuss the core characteristics of the  various theories of leadership contingency, transactional, charismatic, transformational, and authentic leadership—and explain how each influences the commitment of individuals, teams and groups PO 5

PO 8

þ 5 Identify and evaluate the impact of national cultures on organizational values, norms, motivation, and structure, including an understanding of ethical leadership behavior. PO 10

The research project is a team work and as such it will require team work. Keep in mind it will count for 30% of your total grade (10% for oral and 20% for written report).

With each team member (maximum of four group members) getting the same mark in written report, it is important to choose team members that will work and communicate efficiently and effectively with each other.

The project is intended to be a research document focusing on a particular topic. Topics will be chosen by the student and must be approved by the professor. Topics of your choice may be accepted if the instructor is convinced of their importance and of your motivation to treat that subject.

The format of the research project is as follows:

Abstract:  At least 300 words giving executive summary of your paper.  One page in which you summarize your research. It will include the objectives, methodology and the findings.

Introduction:  At least 1 page maximum summarizing the main concept of your study and its objectives or rationale.

Theoretical Framework and Topic Statement: In this section you are expected to describe in detail the context of the research. You will also highlight the questions that, in your opinion, are important for the field of Leadership and that need answers. In this section you will show a clear understanding of the topic you chose.

Methodology: Here you will describe the methods you chose to use in order to reach your objective which is to find pertinent answers to the questions you developed in the topic statement. In the case of an empirical project (in which, for example, you would need to give a questionnaire to individuals or companies) you will be required to describe the sample’s characteristics (average age, gender representation, number of employees, questionnaire used, and all other important characteristics). In other words, you will be required to show that you know what you are doing.

Results and Discussion: This section will contain all the pertinent statistical information and any other relevant findings. The most important section of your work. You will analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings. Your analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section of your research.

Summary / Conclusion: One page maximum in which, in point form where possible, you will summarize your findings.

Recommendations (optional): Based upon the critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations that, in your opinion, will help improve the field of Leadership.

Bibliography: A list of the readings, books, articles, internet documents etc, used for the research project.

Appendix:  A short report of the group on which member worked on the specific parts/tasks in the research work.

You will be expected to submit the final document professionally presented with a cover page including:

      • Title
      • Date
      • Name, student number and email of each group member
      • Name of the course.
      • Name of the professor

The project will be graded primarily on your team’s capacity to produce a professional work based on a sound understanding of the problems at hand, the capacity to select the right methods to answer the important questions, and most importantly, your analytical skills.

Presentation: You will present your analysis in a PowerPoint presentation.  You will be graded on the breadth and depth of analysis, as well as the overall accuracy of analysis.  Your presentation should be 15-20 minutes—it needs to be focused. Remember to include a reference slide at the end of your presentation.  You must present to receive full credit for your participation in the project.

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