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Leadership in Business

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BUSN3052 Leadership
Assessment Task:Essay – Empirical Evidence Paper
This assignment is worth 35% of the end of year result.

1 Introduction
Introduces the problem and the importance of leadership in Organisations including the consequence of poor leadership
Identifies the possible approaches to be reviewed (at least three from the following:
– Leadership training (in class training)
– Leadership development (job rotation, assignment based)
– Recruitment
– Individual development (development centres and targeted development)
– Mentoring
– Coaching

2 Literature Review:
Empirical evidence is used to:
 Thoroughly discuss and define each of the “issues” focused on
 Clearly support or refute employer concerns about each of the “issues” focused on
o Consideration of the rigor of the studies discussed?
 Data collection methodology
 Qualitative versus quantitative
 Longitudinal
 Sample size

Criteria Very poor Poor Satisfactory Good Very good Excellent

3  Recommendations:
Succinct and relevant recommendations are made
o Recommendations are based on the empirical evidence reviewed
o Link between the empirical evidence and the recommendations made is clear
o Critical and creative thinking is demonstrated through the development of practical recommendations that follow on from the empirical evidence reviewed
o Recommendations could plausibly be implemented by employers

4 Quality and appropriateness of references and referencing
 Referenced at least 9 peer-reviewed journals
 References are cited within text and citations are included in the reference list
 Reference list is alphabetised and consistently formatted (e.g., Harvard, etc.)

5 Quality of writing style, grammar, punctuation and other considerations
 Care has been taken to ensure spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors are minimised
 Word limit is adhered to
 Well-structured
 The content of the paper is arranged logically
 Easy to read

Empirical Paper
• Length: 2000 words (penalties for exceeding by 10% or more)
• Leadership. What works best in Organisations?
Recruitment, mentoring, coaching, individual development, or training courses? Using empirical evidence obtained through your readings, you are required to summarise the evidence and propose specific recommendations that Managers can use to improve leadership in their workplaces.
Empirical Paper

• Your assignment will be assessed according to your ability to work within the word limit to review key theoretical
models and empirical studies, collected from peer-reviewed journal articles,  integrate the research and developing recommendations that are evidence based and plausible.

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