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Leadership in Healthcare

AHHG 4020 – Leadership in Healthcare
Assignment 1 (20%)

In preparation of your assignment, please follow the rules below:

 Each assignment is to be completed by each student individually.
 It requires you to submit it in Word format.
 It needs to be well written, thoughtfully prepared, free of grammatical errors.
 The assignment needs to be submitted by Oct 7, 2023 at 11:30pm, (late submissions will NOT be accepted).

The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid
Below is a list of statements about leadership behavior. Read each one carefully, then, using the following scale, decide the extent to which it actually applies to you. For best results, answer as truthfully as possible.

never sometimes always
0 1 2 3 4 5

1. 5______ I encourage my team to participate when it comes decision-making time and I try to implement their ideas and suggestions.

2. 5______ Nothing is more important than accomplishing a goal or task.

3. 5______ I closely monitor the schedule to ensure a task or project will be completed in time.

4. 5______ I enjoy coaching people on new tasks and procedures.

5. 4______ The more challenging a task is, the more I enjoy it.

6. 5______ I encourage my employees to be creative about their job.

7. 5______ When seeing a complex task through to completion, I ensure that every detail is accounted for.

8. 4______ I find it easy to carry out several complicated tasks at the same time.

9. 4______ I enjoy reading articles, books, and journals about training, leadership, and psychology; and then putting what I have read into action.

10. 0______ When correcting mistakes, I do not worry about jeopardizing relationships.

11. 5______ I manage my time very efficiently.

12. 5______ I enjoy explaining the intricacies and details of a complex task or project to my employees.

13. 5______ Breaking large projects into small manageable tasks is second nature to me.

14. 5______ Nothing is more important than building a great team.

15. 5______ I enjoy analyzing problems.

16. 5______ I honor other people’s boundaries.

17. 5______ Counseling my employees to improve their performance or behavior is second nature to me.

18. 4______ I enjoy reading articles, books, and trade journals about my profession; and then implementing the new procedures I have learned.

Question 1.







TOTAL _____
X 0.2 =
(Multiply the Total by 0.2 to get your final score) Task
Question 2.







TOTAL ____
X 0.2 = _
(Multiply the Total by 0.2 to get your final score)

Scoring Section
After completing the Questionnaire, transfer your answers to the spaces below:
Matrix Section (10 marks)
Plot your final scores on the graph below by drawing a horizontal line from the approximate people score (vertical axis) to the right of the matrix, and drawing a vertical line from the approximate task score on the horizontal axis to the top of the matrix.
Then, draw two lines from each dot until they intersect. The area of intersection is the leadership dimension that you operate out of.

Result Analysis (90 marks)

1. How different is your score from your expectation? (5 marks)

2. Which part of the management grid did you fall in and are you satisfied with it? (5 marks)

3. If answer to Q2 was NO, where do you like to fall in the managerial grid as a Duty Care Manager in your field of work? (5 marks)

4. This exercise will give you an idea of your leadership style. But, like any other instrument that attempts to profile a person, you have to take in other factors, such as, how your peers and employees rate you as a leader, do you get your job done, do you take care of your employees, are you helping to “grow” your organization, etc. Please comment on how do you think these factors will change your personal scores? (25 marks)

5. Review the statements in the survey and reflect on the low/high scores by asking yourself, “If I scored higher in that area, would I be a more effective leader?” Using this reflection, please make a list of personal action items to improve your leadership skills. (10 marks)

6. The most desirable place for a leader to be on the managerial grid would be a 9 on task and a 9 on people — the Team Leader. Do you envision yourself reaching that part of the managerial grid and how would you propose to achieve it? (15 marks)

7. The most desirable place for a leader to be on the managerial grid would be a 9 on task and a 9 on people — the Team Leader. However certain situations might call for one of the other three to be used at times. For example, by playing the Impoverished Leader, you allow your team to gain self-reliance. Be an Authoritarian Leader to instill a sense of discipline in an unmotivated worker. In a similar manner, can you give an example/scenario for each type of leadership. (25 marks)

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