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In Leadership Project 1 (LP1) you have already used Value Systems Theory to critically analyse your
company, its leadership and identify some general leadership challenges/problems. Now you will use
Value Systems Theory as a leader to solve one specific leadership challenge/issue in your organisation
as well as produce a reflective account that critically evaluates your personal leadership/management
style and approach. On completion of this Unit you be able to meet the Core Learning Outcomes
1. Critically evaluate through theory application how certain types of leadership/management
styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions and how they impact
strategy, people performance and productivity.
2. Critically evaluate leadership problems and challenges and your personal leadership
capabilities and critically analyse the need for future development.
A suggested structure for the written report would include the following: This assignment can be divided
into three equal sections weighting 33% each. These have been presented as three questions.
I. Frist produce an assessment of how varying leadership styles impact an entire organisation
and its personnel. Describe the impact your organisation�s Values and Leadership System and
Structure has on leadership, management and staff.
Reference specific and general information on Value Systems Theory from BREO;
a. A company has more than one Leadership Value System and Structure; it has a dominant and
less dominant. Using a picture diagram to illustrate select the two Leadership Value Systems
and Structures that are present in your organisation.
b. Next describe the two Leadership Value Systems and Structures (dominant and less dominant)
any other smaller sub-systems of your company culture, management and leadership.
c. Also describe how the present Leadership Value Systems and Structures in your organisation
impact on leadership, management and staff.
Important Note: To write this you can use the description of your organisation you provided in
Leadership Project 1 (Question II) and also reference the same Core Reading materials on Value
Systems and Leadership Theory from BREO on Leadership Project 1. You are also welcome to refer to
other leadership theories if you match them with one of the eight specific Value Systems and
Leadership Structures (Please refer to the Core Reading Schedule below).
Learning Outcomes addressed: 1 and 2
(Approximately 1,000 words)
II. Second now that you understand your company and leadership Value System dynamic
(culture, structures, behaviours, actions, etc.) choose one specific Leadership
issue/problem/challenge to solve and recommend a solution. The solution could be to improve
change the Leadership Value System or Structure or make an important strategic decision.
Reference specific and general information on Value Systems Theory from BREO;
a. First design and describe the Value Systems within your organisation and industry by using the
concept of Meme Stacks (PDF). Illustrate and describe your organisation and industry Meme
Stacks, then describe what changes are taking place that present the leadership
challenges/issues/ problems.
(Approximately 300-350 words)
b. Next choose one specific Leadership challenge/issue/problem to solve. Introduce what solution
you choose to solve the problem and what type of variation of change you will use (from the
Eight Variations of Change (PDF)). Be sure to align the solution with the corresponding variation
of change.
(Approximately 300-350 words)
c. When considering the variation of change and solution also reference the concepts of an Open,
Arrested or Closed Value System as well as Entry, Peak or Fade of a Values System.
(Approximately 300-350 words)
Important Note: To write this you can use some of the general leadership issues/challenges you
described in Leadership Project 1 (Question III). You may also choose one specific leadership
issue/challenge to solve from your general list. You will have to use the Sequential Checklist to
Determine Change and Multiple Variables to Make Decisions (PDF) as a way to help you write this
section. (Please refer to the Core Reading Schedule below).
Learning Outcomes addressed: 1 and 2
(Approximately 1,000 words)
III. Produce a reflection assessing your leadership capabilities and a plan for CPD development
Assess your own personal leadership capabilities and design an initial CPD plan to help you develop to
become a 21st century leader. Take into consideration everything you have read about Leadership
Value Systems and Structures, written about in your organisation�s Value System dynamic to determine
what type of leader you would like to develop into and how.
Learning Outcomes addressed: 1 and 2
(Approximately 1,000 words)

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