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Leadership Roles and Implications

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Leadership Roles and Implications for Leadership Practice Paper Instructions

Purpose:          This role/leadership paper is designed to build upon knowledge gained in pre-requisite courses to further differentiate the role of the nurse leader/manager in the health care organization.

Utilize knowledge gained from this course, your co-requisite courses, and your prerequisite courses to analyze and discuss the various roles, with leadership implications for practice, of the nurse leader/manager.

This paper will be completed in two (2) parts. Part 1 is worth 20% of the total course grade and Part 2 is worth 30% of the total course grade.

Scholarly writing and appropriate use of APA is expected (see grading rubric).

Part 1 Leadership Roles


  1. Write a 4 page (maximum) paper, written in APA
  2. Describe the role components of a nurse leader and a nurse manager
    1. Include literature support
  3. Compare and contrast similarities and differences between the two roles
  4. Identify the role/role function that you believe is the most important to the success of a nurse leader/manager and explain the reasons behind your personal belief. Rationale should include best practices/evidence.
  5. Summary
  6. References
  7. Submit to TurnItin Draft Dropbox prior to submitting for grading (turn it in score must be less than 18%)

Required Textbooks:

Nelson, E.C., Batalden, P.B., & Godfrey, M.M. (2007). Quality by design: A clinical microsystem approach (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass. {ISBN 978-0-7879-7898-3


Reference Textbook: Textbook from NURS6114 Introduction to Health Systems Leadership course (Roussel, Management and Leadership for Nurse Leaders )

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