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So my thesis basically about (giving a guidance manual for process improvement and process validation for the process I choose ) it would more like implementation guide for the basics of process control and process improvements and validation what should you do in the research •
name the process ( That could be like packaging )
• define the process
• what ppl /book ,lecture saying about it in term how these process need to be developed ,implement , control ,improve 10 or 15 journals in the process – ( we you need 2 cases study about two different companies that applied six sigma/lean system for the exact same process )
Get flow chart done for the process
2. Match the tools ( at least 5-7 six segment tools must useful tools) ((statically and non sasitcal tools)
3. Find info in website or journal about the problem ( CAPA warning letter FDA /inafective of process analysis )FDA website 55)
4. Validate the process NOTE DON’T start writing the chapters until you do the research about what i wrote above

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