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Learning and teaching through the visual arts

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This essay needs to discuss the role of visual arts in early childhood education. You are required to discuss:
1.Current theories and best practice in visual arts pedagogies
2. Specific visual arts skills and understandings
3. The value of visual arts to children development across multiple developmental domains
4. The significance of visual arts in a child life experience
5.Visual arts as a cultural tool and its relationship with culture and social status
6. The use of visual arts to support children with additional needs.
The essay should be 2000 words in length and must incorporate relevant references from the subject texts and readings.

List of readings:
Wright, S. (2011). Children, meaning-making and the arts (2nd ed.). Melbourne: Pearson. (Chapter 1, 2)

Boyd, W. & Cutcher, L. (2015). Learning from early childhood philosophy, theory and pedagogy: Inspiring effective art education. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 40(1). Retrieved from

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Cox Su�rez, S. (2010). Show me again what I can do: Documentation and self-determination for students with social challenges. Theory Into Practice, 49(1), 21-28.
Epp, K.M. (2008). Outcome-based evaluation of a social skills program using art therapy and group therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Children & Schools, 30(1), 27-36.
Gerteisen, J. (2008). Monsters, monkeys, & mandalas: Art therapy with children experiencing the effects of trauma and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 25(2), 90-93.

Kelly, J. (2010). �See what I see�: Photography as a window to children�s meaning making. Art in Early Childhood. Retrieved from

McArdle, F. & Spina, N. (2007). Children of refugee families as artists: Bridging the past, present, future. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 32(4), 50-53.

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