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*Plan a sequence of activities for the following groups so that participants can develop their skills and knowledge about the specified subject: Teachers – A program to develop the use of mathematics games in the classroom

*A sequence of activities implies activities that would take place over at least two separate

*To begin the process, consider:
– The cohort (describe their attributes, disposition)
– The aims of the project (list the desired outcomes)
– The measures (how you will know if the outcomes have been achieved)
– The learning required by the participants (what understandings do they need to develop? What knowledge and skills do they need to acquire?)

*In your project plan:
– Provide an overview of your project showing the timeframe and sequence of activities
– Explain in detail two or three activities from your project that illustrate the theories you have chosen
– Consider the theories of human learning and human development that have informed your decision-making. In your project plan discuss the link between these theories and how you have structured the learning opportunities. Describe how drawing upon these theories will contribute to the success for the project. Support your analysis by providing references (APA style) that validate your arguments.
– A summary of your project will be documented as a PowerPoint presentation (up to 5 slides). Ensure that all points listed above are addressed and the written communication is accurate.


– Clear description of cohort and project 20%

– Clear description of more than one learning theory as the basis for the project 20%

– Clear demonstration of how your chosen learning theories apply to your project with reference to
scholarly literature 40%

– Summary of Learning Project Presentation 10%

– Demonstration of academic literacy, clear presentation with appropriate use of APA Style. 10%

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