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Limitations on absences in public schools

The Issue Essay is simply an essay where you discover an issue and “report” on the various sides of
the issue without inserting your own opinion. You should use 3rd person writing (Introductions
and Conclusions sometimes include 1st person writing, but it depends on the purpose). You are
certainly allowed and even encouraged to “commentate” on the issue, but do not take a position on
the issue nor reveal whether or not one side or position is better than the other. One way to look at
this assignment is by considering yourself a reporter and that you must report the findings or sides
without explaining how you feel about it. Carefully read essays and scholarly research that explain the
various sides of the issue. Your job is to re-articulate their argument and claims. You will need to use
your summarizing and paraphrasing skills to explain and inform readers of the issue and the
surrounding sides/debates concerning the topic. You may have more citations than usual because of
the nature of this assignment. Use your own voice as much as you can.

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