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Literary/ Film Analysis

Please write a comprehensive response to the following questions for your initial post:

After reviewing the resources on literary/film analysis, where are some of the crossover areas between film and literature that you notice? Which of these shared elements do you find to be the most interesting to you as a reader? (hint: examples include characters, settings, symbols, narration, themes, plot, etc.)
Then, you should choose one of the two stories to write about, either “Cinderella” or “Little Snow White” and write an analysis of the story, touching on these elements:
Characters/Dialogue—Who are the main characters in the story?Are they round or flat? What character traits can you ascribe to them? Do they seem realistic to you? Is there a lot of dialogue in this story? When characters speak, what does it say about them?
Plot—How is the story planned? Is there a lot of action in the story? What is the conflict(s) in the story?
Structure—How is the story assembled? Is the story told in chronological order? Or is a different method used (i.e. flashback)?
Idea/Theme—What does the story mean? Was there a significant occurrence that the author included? Why is that important? What ideas or themes does the piece of literature show?
Narration/Point of View—How is the story being rendered? Who is the narrator? What type of narrator is it (first-person,second-person, or third-person)? Does this narrator seem close to the action of the story or further removed? Does he/she include commentary and opinions or is the story told objectively?
Description—Does the story engage your senses (sight,smell, hearing, touch, and taste)? Do you get a mental picture in your mind from reading the literature?
Symbolism—Have you noticed any object, place, or person who seems particularly symbolic? What is that object/place/person symbolic of? Are the symbols contextual or cultural?
Overall,what is your impression of the piece? Do you like/dislike it? Why or why not?

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