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Macroeconomics- Movie Location

Macroeconomics- Movie Location


Prepare a presentation or a paper using research, basic comparative analysis, data organization and application of economic information. You will make an informed assessment of an economic climate outside of the United States to accomplish an entertainment industry objective.


You are a researcher on the Locations Management Team of a major Los Angeles film studio. The studio you work for has recently received the green light to begin production of a script it bought the rights to eight years ago. You may select a movie script but your primary focus is to find the perfect international location to film your movie.

Basic Criteria:

The movie will require several shoots in foreign countries vastly different than the USA in look, infrastructure, language, and key economic institutions (banking, legal, society, mores).

The criteria must be satisfied for the foreign location; however, the production team will need labor crews, shelter, food, energy, transportation (road, waterway, airplane and/or rail), and communication. As with all our international productions, our team must be at a low-risk of harm from any political/economic interest groups in opposition to the USA that reside in the country.


The Location Manager has assigned you to lead the research on the first foreign site location for the international production team. You must present your information and pitch your chosen location. The presentation must detail the economic condition of the country selected with facts and illustrations. You will be expected to highlight why the country is suitable for the international film-shoot, and how it meets the basic criteria given to contrast the USA in the spirit of the script. Also include any risks or recommend areas to consider prior to travel to this country, land or the economic climate and operations.

Use all the knowledge you have learned this month, research, collect, organize, compare and present a country’s economic data. Select one country and suggest its suitability for international production of the movie. Items that should be included are on the following list. Include any other factors that you discover as well. The website will help you with your Economic data collection.

Presentation should include (at least one slide each)

Title Slide with students’ names and name of country
Hook – may be a video. try to embed your video
Geography- include map of country, surrounding countries. You may also screen record going to the location on google maps and embed the video.
Climate -include topography map
Government Structure- brief
Currency- how much is $1 USD worth?
GDP (trend) -graph
Per capita GDP- graph
Wealth distribution in the population-graph
Enemies or Terrorism occurrences within the last 10 years
Labor force- interesting information. May be a graph
Inflation rate (trend)-graph
Infrastructure (Transport & Utilities) include maps of roads, ports and airports
Main Exports- illustrations and/or graphs
Main Imports- illustrations and/or graphs
Other interesting population demographics- may include languages, religion, etc…
Film regulations/laws pertaining to film making
Blockbuster movie made there
Impact of Covid
Transportation costs to fly there from Orlando, FL
Wrap up- Why select your Country?
References (APA) -You need at least 5 in written in alphabetical order and aligned to the left on the page. These should be on a separate page.
An example:

The presentation should have at least 20 colorful, informative slides.
Slides should be informative, creative and colorful. Include multimedia. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes. The presentation should not be recorded.

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