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The Assignment

Create a narrated PowerPoint ® presentation that provides mid-level managers, in your selected company, with tools and techniques to sustain the digital transformation given such turbulent times.

Video link:

· Refer to the three (3) concepts mentioned in the video, Efficient Leadership in the Digital Era (Week 6 Reading and Supplemental Materials).

· Explain how these concepts will help mid-level managers achieve and sustain a successful transformation. Tailor your recommendations to the company you selected in Week 3, and remember that your focus is on the ‘people’ side of the change.

· Include a maximum of 5 slides (excluding the title and references slides) and speaker notes for each slide.

· Provide at least three (3) references and include in-text citations for each source in the speaker notes section.

*All external sources must be appropriately cited in APA style format

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