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Managing Project Based Organisation

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Benefits of Project Management

How do projects differ from business-as-usual activities in your experience?

Name two benefits you have seen in your organisation from using project management?

Think of two unrealised benefits your organisation could gain through using PM more effectively?

Project Life Cycle

Briefly describe the project life cycle as used within your organisation. How does it compare to the model we have just reviewed?

How does the internal working environment of your organisation impact managing projects your are involved with?

Project Justification

Briefly familiarise yourself with the AURIZON website;

Noting the winning justification used to approve SPARTA for the AURIZON Track-Side Safety Initiative, reflect on the following:
Would you have made the same decision based on the productivity rather than the safety improvement to be gained?
Is there a place for ethical debate in these types of project business case arguments?

  • Why do you think managers underutilise project selection models?
    • On what basis are their decisions being made if not on the model outputs?
    • Can you give an example from your own experience?

Project Management Skills

Attributes of a Successful Project Manager

Based on the attributes discussed in the link above, what skill categories do you consider to be essential when selecting a Project Manager? What is the basis to your selection?

Project Communications

In a 2011 online article Ilias Korkondilas writes about “Managing International Teams: The Importance of Cultural Management and Communications”, and how contemporary projects must fit within geographically dispersed organisations and this brings challenges.

Contrast the prime law for projects, ‘Never surprise the boss’, with the corporate adage ‘Bad news never travels up’.

What does this mean in the context of how your organisation communicates issues?

Is this related to organisational culture mix?

Conflict Impacts

View the video ‘Conflict Management in the Project Environment: Views and Causes’

Select what you consider to be the three most important key points. Why did you select these? Were they personally experienced? How are these likely to impact on the role of a Project Manager?

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