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Scaled white paper

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to engage in research. Quite often, you will have to learn about a new brand, product, or entire industry. Therefore, the ability to gather and synthesize information is important. In social media careers, writing is usually a strong component.

The requirement for this task is to write about any topic relating to health, diet, or exercise. The minimum length requirement is three pages double spaced (12 point font like Times New Roman). This length is typically less than most whitepapers, but the same principles will still apply.
When writing your whitepaper, please divide your work into sections (at least two); a whitepaper typically is not one continual essay.

A good scaled whitepaper (one that will get you a high grade) will be easy to follow, cohesive in writing, interesting, and include recommendations based on your research. If possible, it is recommended to include charts or illustrations related to your topic. When comparing whitepapers, a longer length whitepaper may not necessarily receive a better grade.

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