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Marketing plan Lyft

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We have to create a marketing plan for the company Lyft. For this group work, my part is:

B. The Target Audience
When developing the advertising execution, it is crucial that creative and media personnel have a thorough understanding of the target audience to whom they are speaking. Target member descriptions should include not only demographic and geographic information (age, geographic area, education levels, socioeconomic group, etc.), but psychographic information such as lifestyles, attitudes, and values as well (e.g., what they’re like, their likes and dislikes, their perspective on life, how they envision themselves, how the product fits with all of this, etc). In the end you must also create a profile of an imaginary member of your target audience that will bring this individual alive for your Creative Team. While you may have a stereotype of this person in your mind, it is important to be open minded and objective while developing this profile.

This section should include at least:
• Demographic information – stats about the audience
• Psychographic/lifestyle information – insights into their lives, their attitude, opinions and interests
• Justification for selecting this group – back up your choice with data regarding the viability of this target audience e.g. census data
• A profile of your typical target consumer – make this consumer come alive for your creative team

Megan is a 45 year old mother of two who lives in San Mateo California. She works full time and spends much of her non-work hours driving her kids to and from their activities. She tends to cook more on weekends and she also enjoys doing…..

C. The Competition
In order to develop an intelligent campaign, it’s important to understand with whom you’re being compared by target consumers. You will need to select at least two competitors to examine including:
• a brief SWOT analyses for each of these competitors
• their market shares
• their current ad agencies, advertising spending and copy strategies

Example: Total’s main competitors are Special K and Fiber One.

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