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Mars chocolate bar: Market Research

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1) Market Research
a) What is the issue with this product?
What kind of information and answers would you be looking to investigate and solve before making recommendations?
b) Discuss sources of secondary data for your research
c) Design your research – including how many samples, who would they be, from where you will get them, what methodology (survey? Focus group? Observation?), how long would the research take? (YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE A SURVEY)

2) STP
a) You will complete segmentation for this product using any relevant segmentation basis and come up with 3 specific and distinct segments. You must NAME EACH SEGMENT something that is relevant to the type of people you have put into that group.
b) You will choose ONE of those segments to target
c) You will create a specific and detailed marketing mix for that target market outlining the 4 P’s.
Product: Mars chocolate bar
Place: Dubai. Supermarkets , petrol station mini mart , groceries.
3) International Marketing
a) You will choose one country outside of the UAE to enter and launch this product and explain why you chose this country for this product. It must be a country where this product DOES NOT EXIST.
b) You will do a PEST analysis for the country including competitive analysis.
c) Based on your external environmental analysis, you will create a detailed marketing mix for that target market you had selected.
d) You will select ONE method of entry for this product and explain why you chose this.

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