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McDonald’s: An Examination of its Organizational Structure and Operational Philosophies – A Visitor’s Perspective

Visit a McDonald’s restaurant. Spend sufficient time there to observe the various operations, e.g. taking orders, making sandwiches, sanitation, fryer operation etc. Also, observe how the restaurant is structured and organized, and note how the processes are performed in order to get the overall goal accomplished

Observe the organization. How does it relate to Mechanistic organizations,
– Scientific Management-the production philosophy of Frederic Taylor
– Bureaucracy-theorganizational philosophy of Max Weber
– Principles of Management-the administrative philosophy of Henri Fayol
Clearly and concisely address the questions in the instructions.

Your paper needs to be concise, one full page, single spaced. You must address all of the issues, so think about your writing.
• The paper will be judged first on content. Did you address all the questions in the instructions.
• Your paper will also be judged on writing skill.

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