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Media and Politics

Select and review a recent scholarly journal article related to trends and/or the relationship between media and politics- and policy-related public opinion. Include in your review a discussion of how the work relates to this week’s required readings—e.g. how its methodology and findings compare to other works, what its primary contributions are relative to other works. Please use quotations sparingly; your review should summarize and paraphrase from the original work, employing limited quotations.

• The article’s title and purpose
• The author(s) of the article and a brief summary of his/her/their qualifications
• The article’s hypothesis/research question(s), theoretical assumptions, and research methodology
• A summary and careful evaluation of the article’s findings and conclusions
• The place and contribution of the article within the larger body of literature on the topic (e.g. how it relates to course readings Hopkins chapters 8 & 9 The increasingly United States )

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