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Media Bias

Use the template provided below. The template is to help you follow the instructions and gain the maximum points for the assignment.
Title (Example) Political Bias in the News
Your Name: ________________________________ Hyperlink to Article #1: ______________________ Date of Article #1: ___________
Hyperlink to Article #2: ______________________ Date of Article #2: ___________
Due Date of Assignment: __________
Prompt: A good introduction includes at least three parts, according to guidance provided in this How to Write an Introduction article by Grammarly.
1. A hook to capture the reader’s attention
2. Background for context.
1. Define media bias using the and explain at least two types of media bias found in the articles that you chose, introducing the two articles to be discussed.
3. A clearly defined thesis statement or main point of your paper
First Body Paragraph:
Prompt: Begin by comparing or contrasting the two articles. For example, statements might be worded in the following manner:
1. “In the article (title of the article), (author) explains/discusses/describes/argues (choose only one of the previous words) while in the article (title of the article), (author) explains/discusses/describes/argues (choose only one of the previous words)…”
2. “To illustrate this point, the author states….” Second Body Paragraph:
Prompt: Compare or contrast evidence of bias in each of the two articles. For example, you might state:
1. “The article (title of the article), demonstrates (name a type of media bias used in the article, by (doing or stating what).”
2. “Meanwhile, the article (title)…”
3. State whether the bias suggests a conservative or liberal bias and why you believe this
to be true.
Third Body Paragraph:
Prompt: As part of your research and examination of media bias include recent polling data results showing the public’s confidence in the objectivity or fairness of the media. Provide an Internet citation for each polling source discussed. For example
1. “According to a recent Gallup poll conducted (when?), a (certain percentage of Americans believe…” Conclusion Paragraph:
Prompt: Wrap up and summarize your points, especially as they pertain to the thesis statement or main point of your paper. Detail why this is an important exercise for the course. Link the assignment to the material covered in class. Be sure to cite your textbook page number. You may cite it as (Text, p. xxx) and substitute the page number for xxx. For example, your conclusion might say something like this:
1. “In conclusion, my research has shown….”
2. “This research illustrates (what) from our class readings (or textbook).”
3. “This insight is valuable because….”

Example of an essay listed below, can’t use anything from that essay.

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