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Medical Studies for Paramedics

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Critical Thinking Questions Part 1

For Part 1 of your assignment you are required to submit two short essays on the questions provided below. Each essay should be approximately 750 words in length and include an introduction and conclusion with at least three credible references for each.

Assignments should be submitted via TURNITIN



  1. Around 2.3 million Australians (10.2% of the total population) have Asthma, based on self-reported data from the 2011–12 Australian Health Survey (AHS).* Most Asthmatics are able to sufficiently manage their disease from day-to-day, however only 21% of Australians have a specific Asthma Management Plan.

Detail the key areas of an Australian Asthma Action Plan, with reference to specific medical indicators, key triggers and medication regimes. Include a brief overview of asthma and references to key demographics.

*: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

  1. Shock is often associated with major trauma, secondary to life-threatening bleeding (e.g.: hypovolaemic shock). However sepsis (septic shock) is one of the leading causes of death in hospitalised patients worldwide- in fact, it causes more deaths than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. There are approximately 15,000 episodes of severe sepsis and septic shock in Australian and New Zealand intensive care units per year.*

Investigate the progression of infection, through various stages, to septic shock. Include a discussion of the ‘Stages of Shock’, major causative factors, effects on perfusion and microcirculation and the involvement of major organs.

* Finfer S, Bellomo R, Lipman J. Adult-population incidence of severe sepsis in Australian and New Zealand intensive care units. Intensive Care Medicine 2004

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