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Mental Health

Review the following case study. Then, identify 1 mental health related issue you would identify as a client goal AND identify 1 career related issue you would identify as a client goal. In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss why you chose these issues, how you might prioritize the issues, and what you might consider as intervention for the client. Your client, Jim, is an 18-year-old male living with his parents. You have been working with him for the past year on his severe anxiety related to his chaotic home life. His parents do not have stable jobs and have battled addiction on and off through the years. They are currently sober but not working and ready to lose their home. Jim just graduated from high school and is eligible for a variety of grants and scholarships that would pay for his college – tuition and housing. Jim wants to go to college, but is trying to decide between a culinary arts program at one community college nearby. If he chooses this program, he can stay with his parents. He has already registered and signed up for classes in this program. The other option is a 4-year university an hour away. He would need to live in the dorms if he chooses this option. He is very undecided about what he wants to do and is considering a variety of careers – criminal justice, business, and psychology. He was a good student in high school. Jim’s anxiety has increased in recent weeks because the school year is to begin in a few weeks and he is unsure what he wants to do. His parents are pressuring him to stay with them and do culinary arts.

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