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As a graduate student, it is not enough to absorb the information from a research study. Rather, you must consider that information’s value, react to the information, and apply it.

You may have noticed while preparing for this week’s Discussion that reading a primary research article is different than reading other types of material. Articles can be dense and often contain tables and figures representing data. You may have noticed citations to other works. All of these features take some getting used to.

In this Assignment, you have another opportunity to practice interacting with human services research. You first search in the library databases and access a scholarly, peer-reviewed article. Then you respond to that article, weighing how the research findings apply to your human services work.


· Conduct a database search in the library for a scholarly, peer-reviewed article from the last 5 years on a human services topic of interest to you. The article should be based on an empirical research study and be from the last 5 years. To help with your search, use tips from this week’s Discussion as well as the Quick Answers link in the Learning Resources.

· Read the article using the strategies described in the Learning Resources. Take note of the problem, the methods, the findings, and the researchers’ conclusions.

Write a 2-page response to the scholarly, peer-reviewed article you selected. In your response, briefly summarize the article. In your summary, include the purpose of the study, the method and data collection of the study, and the findings of the study. Then address the following: To what extent do the research findings align with your professional experiences? How might you use this evidence-based research to inform your work as an advanced human services professional practitioner?

Please be sure that your paper contains all elements of an academic paper with an introduction with a thesis, body, and conclusion.

Be sure that you cite any time you refer to the source in the body of the paper and include a corresponding citation on the reference list.

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