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Mental Measurements Yearbook

Assessment Critique: Students will identify two assessments not covered in class using the
Mental Measurements Yearbook and write a critical review and comparison of the two
assessments including cultural bias in testing. Students will adhere to APA 7th edition format
when writing this paper (no cover page or abstract is necessary).

Both assessments must measure the same psychological construct in the same client population (e.g., two assessments that measure adult depression; two assessments that measure child self-concept, etc.). Students must email the professor by September 10 at 11:59pm to obtain approval for the assessments that they choose. Students must include the following in their reviews, ensuring that each topic is indicated by the provided APA style heading:

[Test Name]: General Characteristics
• A general description of each instrument and what they measure or assess.
• Appropriate examinee ages and description of target population
• Efforts of test developer to include diverse populations in norming group.
• Purchasing information (Phone number, website) and cost of materials including manual, protocols, and scoring templates or computer scoring

[Test Name]: Administration Requirements and Technical Aspects
• Number of items and approximate time for completion
• Training/education required for administrator.
• Validity and reliability

Thus, you will report on all of the above information for one assessment, and then report the above information again for the other assessment. After reviewing the above information, compare and contrast each instrument by summarizing the following information, making sure that you are providing several paragraphs for each topic below. Each topic below should fall under a separate APA style heading:
• Practicality for your future counseling setting – be sure to clearly identify your setting
(e.g., school, agency, private practice) and the population with which you plan to work. Answer: Private practice, Adults, Males and females, Ages 18 and older.
• Strengths and weaknesses of each assessment according to the data that you reported on and the instrument reviews.
• Final answer: Ultimately, which assessment would you choose to use and why? Provide
a rationale based on everything you’ve reviewed. This section should be detailed and

• Start by looking through the textbook, talking to others, or thinking about tests you have taken.
• Go to the University Library Databases and look in the databases for
Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)
• After getting to MMY, type in the name of the test you would like to review.
o If you don’t have the name of a test then type in a keyword for a construct you would like to search, like intelligence, integrity, risk, depression, personality, etc.
o Look through the tests that are listed for the construct and pick one that interests you.
• If no review appears then a different test must be selected – an MMY review is required for the assignment.
• submit the name of the chosen test to the instructor for approval by the deadline.
• Use the MMY review, test publisher’s website, textbooks, and other sources of
information to conduct the test review. Follow the standardized outline supplied by the instructor for your research paper.
• APA Style must be followed for the format of the report and references.
• Writing skills such as grammar and spelling will contribute to the grading of the
• Avoid plagiarizing when summarizing the works of others – give credit where credit is
due, use quotes, and paraphrase (the majority of the writing should be in your words).
• You must end the paper with a personal critique and a recommendation regarding the use of the test based on the information from your research – it must not be a restatement of someone else’s review or the test publisher’s statements – it must be consistent with your research findings.
• Pricing data must be current and not taken from the MMY review.

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