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Human Resource Management

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HRM’s Role; Strategic HRM
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First Post?Week 1 of the Module
Please answer the questions below. Use question and answer (Q&A) format for your response; in other words, include the original question along with your answer in the reply. Within your post, support your response with information from at least two reputable sources (library and/or web-based) and provide the full citation at the end. Use APA format for your references. Bring in your own personal experiences, if applicable.
1. From your experiences working with and/or around HR department representatives are they performing as they should be and focusing on the right things?
2. What are some examples of activities where HR is a strategic partner with its organization?
3. Do examples come to mind where they have not been in line strategically?
Subsequent Posts?Week 2 of the Module

Module 1 – Background

Intro to Human Resource Management; HRM?s Role; Strategic HRM

Required Sources

Richard, O., & Johnson, N. (March 2001) Strategic human resource management effectiveness and firm performance. International Journal Of Human Resource Management [serial online].

Society for Human Resource Management (2016). Visit the SHRM website ( for some of the latest information on dynamic HRM topics, certification details, and SHRM membership information. This website is listed as required, because you should visit it frequently to keep up with the field and learn how you might become more involved with the national association and/or regional SHRM professional groups.

Vermeeren, B., Steijn, B., Tummers, L., Lankhaar, M., Poerstamper, R., & van Beek, S. (2014). HRM and its effect on employee, organizational and financial outcomes in health care organizations. Human Resources for Health, 12 doi:

Wright, P. M., & McMahan, G. C. (2011). Exploring human capital: putting ‘human’ back into strategic human resource management. Human Resource Management Journal, 21(2), 93-104.

Optional Sources

Parkes, C., & Borland, H. (2012). Strategic HRM: Transforming Its Responsibilities Toward Ecological Sustainability– The Greatest Global Challenge Facing Organizations. Thunderbird International Business Review, 54(6), 811-824. doi:10.1002/tie.21505

SWOT analysis: Lesson. (2009). Retrieved from

Zahorsky, D. (2009). A business owner’s secret weapon: SWOT analysis. Retrieved from:

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