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Midterm Passport Essay

For this assignment, you will write an analysis of the changing drafts of one of your assignments. You will choose the multiple drafts that you have done (and you can only do this essay if you’ve done multiple successful drafts)  for either the complaint letter, the response to complaint letter, or the resume cover letter and analyze how you improved these documents as you re-articulated ideas and revised your drafts. IN THIS CASE, WE ARE ANALYSIS MY COMPLAINT LETTER THATS ATTACHED BELOW.

You will need to print out your varying succession of drafts, annotate what differences you notice as the texts change, and then make claims about your revision process based on the evidence you find in these drafts. You will need to make careful claims about your writing based on observations that you recognize in these drafts, show the evidence that illustrates these revision changes and, then, self-reflect about your progress and your success in achieving better means of expression.
Each paragraph of this essay should have (1) a viable, focused claim about your writing/drafting, (2) some textual evidence from your actual drafts that supports this claim, and (3) a self-reflective interpretation that explicitly explains how your evidence supports your claim and why it matters (its implications to your writing and learning). To complete a thorough analysis of your drafting process, you should write approximately 500+ words for this essay. 

Attached are two examples.
Attached is the complaint letter I had to revise three times with the grades I got the first, second, and third time to make it perfect! My complaint letter is below with feedback. I had to redo THREE TIMES due to using a lot of passive voice instead of active verbs.


Avoid the Passive Voice! (Replacing Passive Voice with Active Verb Phrases)
Avoid Hedging Phrases!
Be Specific!
Fewer Nouns!
Important Ideas at the End!
No laundry lists! (Combining Sentences & Avoiding Laundry Lists)
Avoiding Non-Referential This or That
Use Connective Words for Better Sentences!

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