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MNC from an Emerging Market

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In 2500 words, students are required to critically discuss the following topic: Using an example of an MNC from an emerging market, present an analysis of the opportunities and threats that globalisation creates for decision-makers. What are the main lessons international business managers can learn about the interplay between home and host country differences in achieving success? At a minimum, this essay will reference 10-15 reliable academic sources (including journal articles and textbooks) identified by the student, in addition to the textbook. Please use the LTU Harvard Referencing style. Guidelines are available at

Also please make sure the assignment is properly formatted with Harvard referencing, table of content, executive summary, introduction with headings.

MNC’s are large organisations and by its very nature operates out of multiple countries. Therefore identifying the home country could be tricky in few scenarios. As an example, there could be two scenarios:

    1. An MNC that originated from an emerging country (say Brazil, South Africa, Russia, …) and has later internationalised to other countries. In this case, the home country is the emerging country.
    2. An MNC that originated many years back from a country not classified as an emerging country (Ex: USA) but is currently operating

in a very big way

      from an emerging country like China. It is possible someone may choose such an MNC entity in China as the example of MNC from an emerging country and discuss it in the essay.


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