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Modern United States History

Be sure to use the checklist before posting! Posts without minutes or with direct quotes will receive a zero. Posts that are not 6 sentences exactly will receive a zero. Always check your assignment for feedback. If you have follow-up questions in the feedback, you must answer the questions to the instructor’s satisfaction or the assignment will receive a zero. Be prepared to discuss your answers in a live meeting with the professor if requested.

Discussion 16

Read the linked magazine article (Secondary Source) and address the topic below. See the Discussion Checklist for  further instructions. Use only your textbook, Crash Course videos, and the below provided sources. Use of other sources, plagiarism, or cheating will result in a zero on the assignment and a report to the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences (see Course Outline).

In six sentences minimum and maximum, using and showing knowledge of the information from the source, explain why you would or would not have joined a union or supported the Populist Party. Additionally, in one more sentence, tell the class if your answer follows the provided checklist.

16. Capital and Labor

1)Answer all parts of the Question using information from the provided source.
Answer should reflect strong knowledge of the source.

2)Title should reflect your main point
Post should be 6 sentences exactly. The answer should include the sentence about following the Checklist.
Answers that are not exactly 6 sentences will receive a zero.

3)Own words are used and only provided sources are used.
Post that use sources other than those provided will receive a zero.

4)Post a reply or question to a classmate at least three sentences long.
Posts along the lines of “Great post!” or “I like your answer” will not get credit.

5)No direct quotes are used.
Answers with direct quotes will receive a zero.

6)Minutes at which supporting evidence can be found are included.
Feedback is Checked and Any Follow-Up Questions Answered
Posted Answer Reflects Strong Knowledge of the Source

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