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What are the motivations of Nora in A Doll’s House and how do her needs and desires evolve throughout the play? Is she a woman from another time? Consider using Psychological Criticism or Reader’s Response criticism to reflect on your own sympathies or criticisms of this female on stage. Be certain to address this play and the era/geographical location it belongs prior to building a response.
Three Sources Referenced in a Works Cited: the play, and two key sources depending upon the prompt selected
MLA format, double spaced, 4 FULL pages typed with one word or line on the 5th page
An original title that is NOT the name of the play, but one created by you, the author.
Writing that is free from any AI source unless you have discussed with me prior about your plans to use/why.
No use of first person “I think” or “My opinion” –minimal use is acceptable only with support/examples

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